3 months ago
Make your wedding morning special ⬇️ Where you choose to get ready for your wedding sets the whole mood for the day. So make sure you think carefully about where you want to be! Here are 5 reasons why you should get ready in our elegant bridal suite the morning of your wedding… 1️⃣ A makeup suite to get your glam done We have an entire space dedicated for you and your bridesmaids to get your hair and makeup done. Makeup and hair artists love the professional vanities we have in the space. The best part, it’s separate from the bridal suite, so all the mess from getting ready won’t show in your photos! 2️⃣ An elegant and unique bridal suite Our bridal suite is unlike any other in the GTA. The space is beautifully decorated from every corner, allowing you and your loved ones to capture elegant photos from any angle on your wedding morning in this studio. 3️⃣ Access to 3 other stunning studios for photos & gardens You’ll have access to the entire Manor on your wedding morning, allowing you to take wedding portraits in our other 3 stunning studios, and our historic gardens! 4️⃣ A kitchen to serve breakfast Set up a lovely breakfast buffet in our kitchen for you and your loved ones to eat throughout the morning. 5️⃣ When you leave for your ceremony, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your home! There’s nothing worse than making your family return to a messy home after a big day celebrating. When you leave the Manor, we’ll take care of clean up, of course, so you’ll be able to return to a clean home to rest after your wedding day! ✨ Want to learn more? Tap the link in our bio for more info on Wedding Mornings in our Bridal Suite! #therubymanor #torontophotostudio #bramptonphotostudio #bridalsuite #weddingmorning #bridalstyle
Location The Ruby Manor Photo Studio