3 months ago
This pregnancy has been such a learning experience for me. Even after 2 babies, 7 years removed from being pregnant, I thought I remembered much of what it was like physically and emotionally. But I have changed, our lives have changed, I’m older, I’m somewhat wiser and my goals have shifted. Heading into this pregnancy I thought I could average 60 miles a week, far less than my usual 90-100, run everyday, strength training 3 times a week, and ignore the passage of time. Instead I have averaged maybe 35 miles a week, taken many days off, missed gym sessions, slept days away, thought my running days were over on occasion when I felt tons of low pelvic pressure, and been searching for mini goals along the way to make the comeback feel less impossible. Because the comeback is high on my priority. I didn’t retire for a reason. My window in the next few years is short for achievement. But you know what? I’ve lowered my expectation of myself, I’ve adapted training on the fly, made up workouts and created little goals every few weeks. It’s not what I’ve expected but it’s everything I have needed and been able to accomplish. I’m really proud of my mind shift as a professional runner, my ability to easily listen to what my body is telling me and to cherish this short (eventhough it feels long some weeks) time period in my life where I get to grow a baby. So hopefully if you’re in a place where you have less control, you’re being hard on yourself, or you feel you’re letting your goals slip, give yourself some grace and perspective. Chances are you’re doing better than you think and you’ll look back at this time and say “ I did crush. I was awesome. That was the best I had at the time. 📸 @_alisonmarkham
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Is this pregancy belly ? This looks like my bloated tummy after having food.
She is 50?
Céline Dion 😂