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JUST FIVE MINUTES APART Before & after images, only five minutes apart, during a planned power outage and subsequent return to full power. This was in Kanab, Utah, a week or so ago at the 2023 Nightscaper Conference. We were informed during the conference that the power to the entire city of Kanab would be cut off at midnight one night to allow a grid transformer to be replaced. Many folks at the conference took advantage of this rare event to photograph the Milky Way over a dark city when usually the view is obscured by city lights. I arose at 4 am to explore the situation and positioned myself in the heart of Kanab and at the north end of its main thoroughfare. I captured many images of the Milky Way shining over the now-dark homes and businesses. Suddenly the power was returned and the Milky Way was once again drowned out by all the city lights as can see (or not see to be more accurate). Just goes to show what we’re missing! Learn more at the International Dark Sky Association, darksky.org . . . . #astrophotography #nightscaper #nightphotography #skyglow #lightpollution #astronomy #astro #nightscapes #nightscape #astrophoto #darkskies #starryskies #photography #night #nightscaperconference #nightlife #learning #photo #workshop #class #yournightscapeprofessor
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Interesante infofmación...
Wow, what a great timing!
Wow that is amazing!
It's really sad for astrophotographers 😒 and what's even worse - LED lights generate much more unfilterable pollution