4 months ago
As my teammate @kellyn_taylor reminds me β€œI’m still here!” Finding joy in pacing workouts for teammates, Flagstaff running friends and anyone that needs help at the track. I basically show up asking people what they have and where I can help. It has given me a greater sense of purpose to my training these days since I have no racing or fitness goals besides staying healthy and training as long as my body allows me during this pregnancy. Appreciate my teammate @okhacker2 letting me pace 1 400 of his mile repeats this week where he looked so smooth, but pretended to be struggling behind meπŸ˜† Today helped @kellyn_taylor during her 800s and hopefully blocked a little wind. Surrounding myself with my fellow pro athletes reminds me where I’ve been and where I will find my way back to post partum. For now I am thankful and proud to still hold my own in some sessions while other days taking running off because my growing belly needs a break. #pregnantrunner #grit #journeywithsteph #hoka #nazelite #timetofly #flagstaff
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You are amazing and so inspiring!
I freaking love this!!
Go mama!!!!
Amazing mama ❀️
You are amazing ❀️