4 months ago
This was me around 13 weeks pregnant. It was the time where I had just told my entire team that I was expecting. I felt safe around these people as they are my teammates, sharing our ups and downs together each and every day. Yet I was still nervous. How would it be received? You see I had announced earlier in the year I was not retiring and the fire was still burning bright. I still had big goals and dreams. But I also wanted another baby. So would they take me seriously? Would people be confused as to my timeline? Perhaps. And possibly some would question my desire to the sport and my goals. But I knew my desire is strong enough to do both. To take a little break for pregnancy, grow our family and still have the motivation, the guts, and the work ethic to come back from this baby. So internally the news was out and I felt relief and at peace that I didn’t have to carry this beautiful secret any longer at practice and in training. And they would now know why I was sucking wind and hopping in and out of workouts, and not announcing a racing schedule😜
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this what i look like after eating a piece of bread
Love you Steph!
No elite runner here… but still have goals… ran one sub3 marathon but want to get back there…. 1.5 weeks away from meeting my first baby at age 37! Thanks for being inspiring!
You are so loved and respected Steph. As a huge fan of yours I couldn't be more thrilled for you and your family, and will be here when you are racing again.
I’m so happy for you, admire your courage and for being a great example of what’s possible. When I had my babies (now all grown adults), running was questionable so I got into Olympic style race walking. Even then, people were not sure if it was okay and were worried about me, especially when I race walked a 10K. My OB said she’s never seen abs like mine on expecting mom before (and I had gained 40 pounds on a 110 pound body!). Cheering for you! Love seeing what women are capable of! 💪
My hero!