4 months ago
Would you have fallen for this? šŸļø #survivor @survivorcbs #fake #real #idol #winnersatwar #edge
Location Florida
ABSOLUTELY would have fallen for it šŸ˜‚
I mean....it's better than the fake idol that Ozzie made. šŸ˜‚
I would've fell for it knowing my behind šŸ˜‚
Send pic @world_of_florida
Love the t shirt. Is that y our tea m
In my current shape, no. After X amount of days starving, Iā€™d probably say yes.
I'm watching winners at war and keep waiting for people to spend the fire tokens on something but haven't seen any shopping. Did anyone buy pizza or other food to share on the edge?
Lol. You are amazing šŸ‘ā¤