4 months ago
The early weeks of pregnancy were rough. Getting off the couch a daily struggle. I hit the 2nd trimester and began to have enough energy to start training again. Feeling like I’m in that sweet spot now where baby girl is giving me some good vibes physically, and as a runner it almost feels like track season to me, without the looming racing schedule. I head to practice excited to see who I’ll match up with, who I can maybe help pace, what my body will let me do in the day. It is truly a privilege to be healthy enough to train during this pregnancy, to have the support of my teammates and coaches, to get called a badass at times (which we all deserve to be called) and to hopefully show other pros if they want a family it’s ok to take the break in their career and go for it. To show women our bodies can handle it, if we choose, not everyone and that’s ok if we stay on the couch and don’t feel motivated. Every pregnancy experience is different and I am simply sharing how mine is playing out. But if we can we choose to be champions and mothers, am I right @andmother_org. We simply need the support and the belief we can!
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That’s amazing, your body will let you know when it’s too much!!
You are an inspiration!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Jim Murray here co race director for Cow Harbor...yours will be a tough act to follow from last year but watching you train and compete during your pregnancy is super inspirational ...I know it'll be tough but hope to see you again and was nice to meet both yourself and wonderful family back in September...stay strong!!
Gosh, I love this message so much 😭❤️
You rock, Steph!
So inspiring 🙌🙌🙌
Send me these vibes asap 🙏🏻
Your body has been running and doing this for so long that this is the norm…women are such freaking amazing creatures…baby girl will be strong as s***! 🙌🔥
Lots of other mommas are cheering you on! Enjoy each of those seasons ❤️