4 months ago
Took a tumble in the race early and paid for it later on. After falling I just spent too much physical effort and emotional energy trying to catch up and had nothing left the last lap. Very very frustrating way to start the season but I know things can only go up from here. Thanks @dohadiamondleague for hosting. Onto the next 🫡 (10th/9:29) #dohadla #doha #diamondleague (📸 @dohadiamondleague)
Location Doha, Qatar
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Awesome photos 🤸
It looked like she leaned into you, albeit maybe accidentally
Unrelated but - here's to your mother on Mother's Day Weekend. Do something tomorrow that she'd get a kick out of. Bless her memory. Sincerely - a fan.😌
I knew it was you who i saw on my friend’s video. Too bad i wasn’t there and I am currently in the US. Best of luck on your next race! 🔥🔥🔥
Keep going!!!🙌🙌🙌👏
keep safe.I wish I will see your great performance in Budapest.