4 months ago
I’m racing Baby! 🤣 to those who have asked about my luggage ordeal on this trip: my carry on, with my uniform and spikes, was gate checked on my direct flight to Doha and never arrived in Qatar. Luckily I got to borrow shoes and clothes from @corymcgeeruns for a few days (woohoo for being the same size and having the same sponsor and woohoo for Cory being a very generous person). Shipping logistics were crazy so my friends @newbalance went above and beyond and sent @kimarramcdonald from Boston to Doha with spikes and a uniform 🥹 I love NB. I don’t love the airline that lost my things lol but I’m racing tomorrow thanks to the efforts of Kimarra, Pete, & New Balance. Yay!
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Joe needs purpose outside of you. We both hope he finds it 😍
I was forced to gate check my bag on my flight to Boston for the marathon, and the last time we'd flown that airline, our bags got delayed by a week. I was fuming, so I took my racing clothes and shoes out and had them in my lap for the flight, while the mostly empty bag got gate checked. I feel you, and I'm sorry this happened to you. The stress is unnecessary. Kudos to NB for sending someone with your stuff! ❤️
Kimarra is the best!!!! @runnershighnj
Go Vols! @kimarramcdonald , doing big things!
Wow! NB forever and Cory is a badass
Can’t stand gate checking!!! Glad you had a plan B
Cory McGee showed what it is to be a good teammate and wonderful person!