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First off big shout out to my hubby @bbjamin15 who this weekend was all about. Really the last 2 weeks from his Boston finish to getting to this start line. I had the honor of holding the finish line tape when I saw him in the distance in 1st. To win Big Sur marathon 13 days after running 2:28 at Boston. What an accomplishment for him. Now to my goal of training and racing through this pregnancy. I ran the Big Sur 12k this morning, 18 weeks pregnant, won the women’s race and averaged 6:09 pace. A few days before I was excited thinking I believe I can run maybe 5:40-5:50 pace based on how workouts were going. Then reality set in. I’ll be honest when my alarm went off this morning I thought to myself “Stephanie you don’t actually have to run this race.” Sleeping sounded much more enticing. The motivated pro athlete mindset has really shifted this pregnancy and I’m slowly getting used to this different version of myself. Now I know many would read this and think “woman you’re good. You’re not being lazy, you’re doing great you’re pregnant. But it’s important to remember my frame of reference is this is my job and I love the crap out of training and competing for a living. It is a literal dream come true. But also so is motherhood. And I know in a few months, probably weeks based on my growing belly I will slow down quite a bit and eventually be too uncomfortable to run, let alone race. So on a morning I felt unmotivated I chose yes because my future self will look back and says thanks for running when you still were healthy and strong enough to do so. And you had your friend @pelvicpotential guide you as to how my pelvic floor is functioning and my round ligament so now I know the work to be done and body awareness to have for the next 20+ weeks. Great racing to anyone who toed the line at @bsimevents this weekend. Always remember we signed up for this and that is pretty sweet motivation in itself that we were willing. 📸 @spunkylilpip
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Does no one see the little footprint on her belly! 😍
Awesome 🙌 and congrats on the win! I love seeing pregnant women doing rad stuff. I felt so great in my pregnancy and it's strange when society "wants" you to feel sick and just stay inside resting.
“Brags” about husband then post and doesn’t shutup about themselves. You’re pregnant. The oldest natural process in the world. Please get over yourself… you don’t get an award for getting knocked up
This is amazing! Congratulations! I’ll be running my first marathon at 10 months pp!
awesome photo! @spunkylilpip
Congratulations 🎉
A healthy bump 😊