1 month ago
Growing up in Canada and being a leafs fan has always been one of the most meaningful things about life. Having these games to look forward to as a kid made for memories that I will cherish forever! I keep falling more in love with the game of hockey! I want people to know how fun it is and how cool it is and how it deeply connects families all around the world. One of my missions in life is to continue to help evolve the culture of hockey making it feel inclusive for everyone! Unfortunately hockey can be an expensive sport which is why we partnered up with Tim Hortons and the Toronto maple leafs to help in this area. We want people all over the world to have access to the game! HOCKEY IS FOR EVERYONE , it’s a game that can teach us about teamwork, chemistry, coordination, style, managing disappointment, growth etc. our leafs lost last night but still made for beautiful memories with my beautiful family. So grateful to the NHL and the Leafs organization for including me in telling the story of hockey and what it means to so many of us. GO LEAFS GO
Yay! Justin you're the bomb bro. :))))
Hey can you please reach out to me
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