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2 months ago
This week’s #QualifiedSpotlight features Kim Mantle!   For decades, running the Boston Marathon was one of Kim’s life goals. Running was a HUGE part of Kim’s life until the spring of 2019, when she endured a risky brain surgery to remove a cavernous malformation located above her brainstem. That May, Kim traveled to Phoenix for surgery, where she completed two weeks of intense physical therapy and re-learned basic life skills like walking and dressing.   After several years of gaining strength and fitness, Kim registered for her first marathon, the 2022 Houston Marathon. After completing the first few months of training, her running plans were derailed again. In January 2022, Kim was shot in the arm during an attempted car jacking. Her friends and family urged her to scratch the Houston Marathon off her calendar. But with medical approval, Kim decided to travel to Houston and run her debut marathon with her friends just 10 days after being shot, and qualified for Boston with a time of 3:35:52: “It was one of the most empowering and transformative experiences of my life!”   @samueladamsbeer #Boston127 #BostonQualifier #BQ
Location Boston, Massachusetts
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I got your custom beads set!!! 💙💛💙💛
What a story! Congratulations and enjoy every minute of it. It’s unforgettable every time.
Incredible! Best of luck for Boston Kim, I hope it’s everything you have dreamed of!
Wow wow wow 💙💛 congratulations Kim!
Kim is a rockstar!!! 💙💛
Whoa! My friends are famous! 😍
Amazing !!
Wow! What an incredible woman
In awe.🔥. Beautiful. Enjoy every second. No one deserves it more. I will surely be thinking of you and dedicating miles to you. Thank you for sharing this. 💛
Kim!!! 👏🏼🔥
Amazing!!!!! What an inspiration!! 🙌❤️
Go Kim!!! Incredible!
Go Kimmy. You are so strong and brave. I’ll be watching and cheering you on.
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Omg you are amazing and a bad ass! I’m so sorry that happened to you!