2 months ago
All the best adventures start with a magical prophecy. 🔮🐘 The Magician’s Elephant is now on Netflix.
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IMDB en yüksek filmler. Sadece İZLEDİĞİM filmleri paylaşıyorum. TAKİP ET!!
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Amazing movie 😍
😍😍😍lo visto oggi pomeriggio, e bellissimo il film..grazie
The young boy wants to find his sister, yet at a stage he sacrifices his wish and requests the king to consider that the elephant should unite with his family. The love and care stands against all odds. Good to watch! @netflixfamily 🙌🙌🙌
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Oh we want to see this so bad, it looks so sweet @netflixfamily ❤️
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