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2 months ago
“I am the greatest heel, which means the bad guy in the wrestling history.” With his chest puffed out proudly and arms akimbo, the lasting image of the @therealironsheik standing in defiance of the American public is embedded in pro wrestling’s psyche. As far as heels go, nobody rivaled the Sheik — the man who brought the old country to the squared circle and ultimately humbled the playing field. In the words of the Iron Sheik himself, “I’m the legend. I always be the legend.” Join us in celebrating the 'legend of the Earth's' birthday with our Spring Sale across his entire collection. Link in bio #RootsofFight #KnowYourRoots
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Tony Atlas/J Johnson
Ayron shekh namber one☝️
I once sat next to the iron sheik on a flight. I knew I recognized him from somewhere but couldn't place where. He grinned for a while, sensing that I recognized him but couldn't place it. Finally it clicked. He was a very nice guy and seemed to appreciate the interaction as much as I did!
give the man his medicine! ▫️▫️▫️▫️
God bless everyone and have a good day
Inbox’s me with your business name Would love to creat you a cute logo for your business bet u gonna like it 👌
Intelligent clothing @therealironsheik
@bubba greatest!