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2 months ago
“Love is more important than what we can take. Say it with me — “Love! Love! Love!” No singular athlete has meant more to the world than Pelé. As a child growing up in Brazil, he was poor. By the time he was a teenager, he was playing professional soccer. Then the World Cup. He traveled the globe and spread good will, both through his play on the pitch and in activism and involvement. At the end he was rich, yet not with material things. With love. Soccer wasn’t just a sport to @Pelé. It was a connection between all belief systems, every racial divide, every political spectrum, every class, creed, and nationality. It was what united the world. And he was the face of soccer because he dedicated his life to holding that connection. That was Pelé’s message. Love! Love! Love! That’s what fueled his greatness. We pay tribute to the King with this new collection celebrating his life and legacy. All royalties go to the Pelé Foundation to honor and help continue his life’s work, helping to make the world a better place. Link in bio #RootsofFight #KnowYourRoots
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