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Unpaid ad // Thank you to @campfireaudio for sending me these Orbit earphones to test out! 🖤 I never go a day without listening to music, it’s the only thing that soothes my ADHD and improves my focus! Theses earphones are perfect for this as they block out surrounding sounds really well and come with lots of different sized plugs to fit your ears nice and snug (I have really small ears, earphones usually just fall out so having all these different size options is a god send) 💥 The sound is clear, crisp and the bass booms! They fit into my ear shape perfectly making them great for long time use. The quality and design left me impressed. Perfect for 8d audio too 🤤🖤 Do go check them out if you’re looking for new earphones: @campfireaudio 🏕️🔥 #orangehair #gingerlove #redorangehair #flamehair #naturalredhead #mobilegaming #nerdygirls #frecklesonfleek #selfcarematters #tumblraesthetic #nerdgirl #naturalginger #girlgamersofinstagram #earphone🎧 #nerdygirl #lifestylebloggersuk
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Oh my goodness ♥️♥️
Good day! We would like to collab with you! I just sеnt уou a dm, I think it endеd up in the hiddеn rеquests 😄
Passionate 😍
Woman you are beautiful 🙌
Cutest lady of whole IG❗️✨🌹🔥🌹✨
You are so gorgeous Arielle! ❤️
That mushroom necklace though! Nice! I'll look up these headphones and hopefully find something that fits my left ear canal. It's most weird.