2 months ago
😘😘😘 camera 📷: @rorykramer
love you justin !!!
It’s the rolled up sleeve for me
His smile disappeared when Hailey arrived 😆
6th pic Im seing a SELENER❤️❤️
Is Justin giving us a sign to save him from Hailey. He look scared #save#justin
Ayyy why does the book match ur fit lol ♡🕯that boy tapped in ♡ always
Stop acting like you like her
I love your tattoo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Justin with his ex tattoo😂😍❤️🔥
The last picture 😂 #selenaforever
❤️ JELENA ❤️
nahh don't tell me he didn't put that last pic on purpose
everybody knows… everybody knows…
Always be looking miserable when Hailey’s around
Hey Justin, can you ask you wife how does it feel seeing your ex’s tattooed in your arm?? just curious
Pensé que era una monja 🙂
Lmao even Justin don’t like Hailey
The fact he’s smiling in everyone except the ones haileys in💀
“Your husband don’t like you but he likes everyone. Periodt”
where’s his ring tho
He is smiling in ever picture except the ones she is in
Always be happy my bro your song is life to us @justinbieber