3 months ago
Last month I tried doing a 30 day challenge of cooking & eating at home, it went well for like a week but the streets were calling… street food that is lol. I realized editing everyday wasn’t doable for me so I’m back to doing weekly food recaps of all the delicious food I ate & made. New Vlog is on my channel, come say hi (:
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Please frame the 3rd pic when you get a chance. And when you do, please send me a copy 🙏
girllllll that burrito looks so delicious
P.S. You get down on your Cooking!!
@twaydabae First and Foremost I literally just found your Channel yesterday and been Binge Watching all your Vlogs 💯 🥰🙏🏼 I'm so Loving yours and Boyfriends Energy and Vibe.. Especially all the Foods you be sharing and eating 👌🏼 I subscribed and hopefully you can Upload more then later ☺️.. Blessings 🌼💗