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1 month ago
What’s it like bike packing across the interior of Iceland? I’ll be sharing a couple of films I made about my experiences at the @thevimff festival. Join me to watch “A line in the Sand” & “The Westfjords Way” at the VIMFF festival in Vancouver, BC on February 25th. I’ll also host an all day photography workshop the day after - reserve a spot at the link in my bio
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This is all I want to do in this life
@gio_soldati se un giorno farai l’Islanda in bici allora magari mi potrei aggregare per qualche tratta 🤩
So hardcore. Went last May. Travelled the south coast. When I go back, I’m renting a camper van and will try to circle the whole country. Not sure I’m ready for a bike trip, but I bet it was awesome!
Always impressed with your adventures and your photos. Funny story my therapist asked me if I could be a fly on the wall or hang out with any celeb photographer who would it be? I told him about you. However, I could never do what you do even though I would love to see through your eyes. He looked at your stuff and said yes that would be difficult. 🤣🤣
Can we make one around India? 🙌
See you there! 🤙