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From the shoes she wore to win her Oscar to pieces from the first G. Label collection 7 years ago, this is the ultimate peek inside GP’s fashion archive. Link in bio to watch the full video.
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To be honest, if Brad Pitt had proposed to me, I would low key work that into every conversation I ever had after. I’m here for it. 🙌
How about Donating some of those dresses to unfortunate girls who cannot afford to buy a nice dress to the prom or to homecoming this year Gwyneth
Pls do the whole closet I could watch this for hours
When Brad proposed to me, so casually. 😂😂😂
So many of these looks and choices which are so personal to you are BURNED into our brains in the most iconic ways. Always a risk taker and bold, it's great to be reminded of how you have always been ahead of the curve. xo
I could watch a two hour documentary on the contents of GP’s closets. 😍
Brad proposed to u???
Brad is History..... You never needed him,you always shined and keep shining bright....!!! Noone of the ladies needed him,Jen certainly didn't .He was just a mandatory course, a prerequisite...nothing more...
Maybe your comment about Goodwill is genuine when you consider the sheer amount of clothing/shoes archived at a time when poverty is at its highest. Perhaps an idea would be to auction some of your clothing - I don’t mean the most sentimental pieces - no doubt anything of yours would sell. Then donate the profits to a women’s refuge or an organisation which supports women who have had to leave abusive relationships with literally the clothes on their backs.
This is ICONIC
The Calvin dress and Margot’s loafers
Did you keep the green twin set from Great Expectations???? 😍
I would love to see her do an entire year of just re-styling her own archives. The environmental message would be huge.
This is the Dress I Was Wearing when Brad Proposed to Me: A Memoir.
I loved the Ralph Lauren dress you wore at the Academy Awards when you won for Shakespeare in Love so much that I had a local dress maker make me a pink dress for my senior prom in 1999. I’m all about supporting local and small labels vs the biggie designers! You have started a really cool, unique brand and you are an entrepreneur! It’s time for more celebrities like you to support all the small entrepreneurs in all mediums of business! Your a huge inspiration Gwen! 💫
She talks a lot about Brad Pitt these days
Gwyneth an style Icon of course i needed to watch this so thank you very much❤️
The pink academy awards dress looks polyester and cheap IRL, hope it was at least silk 😬
I think we have a new BEST VIDEO 😍😍😍 this is amazing
@crummymummy_ I agree! Or use the proceeds to build a women and children’s center. @gwynethpaltrow you would be appalled to find out how many cities don’t even have a women’s homeless shelter.
@laragazzadigiada ha tenuto i mocassini perché giustamente alla Birkin le hanno detto di no. ⚰️⚰️⚰️
@beth_barone_ swoon 😍