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tell us some of your most interesting gully cricket stories…. Go on 🍿
Our team was 19 runs in 3 overs in a 4 over match and then I hit 22 runs in the fourth over. Guess what? it was an SG bat 😍
Our team need 60 runs in 5 overs then I hit my first ever 50 in just 18 balls and guess I played this innings with my first SG bat(my father bought me that bat on my birthday) and at the last we won.
Our team needed 4 runs in last over .. our batsman missed 5 balls. So we retired him out and changed to Left hand batsman for last ball. It was a peach of delivery by bowler both batsman and keeper missed and we got 4 byes and won the match 😂
everytime i open for my team since 2017. but , its heartbroken when your fav bat it not available .
I was handed by the ball to defend 6 runs in 6 balls... But unfortunately I couldn't able to defend it.. 😢😢
Me and my friend chased 56 runs in 3 overs with sg slamer classic bat
Me and my friends play together but i am in opposition the game was around 8over match and my team score 91 with help of my 57( 18)and guess our team is won by 78 runs😂😂😂😂😂😂
1 over 50 runs by jethalal
My team was 6 for 3in 3over and it was a 5over game me and my brother smashed 38 runs in last 2 overs 🔥🔥
Our team chased 40 runs in juz 2 overs
Our team need 48 run in 18 ball. I hit the run alone. And the bat is sg bat
Team need 24of 6 my new shot Kashmir Willow finished it 4 . 6 6 4 6
I hit 48 runs in 13 balls while the dimensions of boundary is 57 to 65 metres
Tennis bat price 🫡
I scored 96 off 24 balls in gully cricket
20 Runs in 1 over with SG bat
I made 72 runs on 24 balls in my gully cricket match when I was 15 yrs.. 🏏
Bhai ya bat ma discount dado
Recently I've scored 93 runs in 33 balls with 10 sixes & 3 fours in my inter school tournament just because of Sg bat & it's incredible power hitting knocks ever by me on that day! 😎🫡🏏
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Price KYa hi sir
How much ?