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1 month ago
FIRST LOOK at the Boy Wonder! Dick Grayson as Robin Gold Label figure launches for pre-order on FEBRUARY 7th exclusively at the McFarlane Toys Store.⁠ ⁠ #McFarlaneToys #DCMultiverse #DCRebirth #Robin #DickGrayson
Finally! Finally @mcfarlane_toys_official this is what we been saying we need alternative hands this is the amount we need on all figures in your line. Should be a stable having that much hands this Dick Grayson Robin haves. Also only issue now you need to do is the scale in height on with figures as well please....please actually match the art on the card if not just start using action figure photos again because the art on the card is for Robin is All Star Batman & Robin not DC Rebirth Dick Grayson Robin.
When’s the drop?
@mcfarlane_toys_official could you share what time this will be available? Thank you
I can’t wait to get this figure!!
It’s the 7th !!! Where’s he at ?!
Does anyone know what time this releases?