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A quien vaya a París en martes, debe saber que todos los museos está cerrados,y si no lo sabes te encuentras con un día perdido 😢😢😢
Thanks for sharing my video!! 😘
Bad for the environment thooooo 😢
Y'all it's just a really cool animation (:
omg is it real?
What about the pollution ??!!🧐🤯🥺🥺🥺🌻💜🖤🤍🤎💔💔💔💔💔 #nottoballoons #nothelio
Great keep contaminating the environment. 🙌
What disrespect for the universe and the living beings of the planet😢
Doesn’t look real … nice animation
People really think the louvre can just pop open 😂
How about environment???😢😢😢
Its not good for our environment. Don’t do that.
That looks sooo cool and pretty, but like it’s so bad for the earth 😕😕😕
Pollution! We don’t need more of that 😢
How about environment ?? 😢 it's pretty but...
This is a computer animation. Or is it...?
@maxcl96 on va voir çaaa l’année prochaine 🥰🤗
@los.angeles2709 omg it’s beautiful but every one is talking about environment : (((
@itsmesharvi ❤️❤️
@deiajugdar olha que lindo 😍
@mabli53 joyeuse Saint-Valentin ❣️
Está pronta @jackelyne_oo ???