1 month ago
A little twilight miniature painting demo: 1. I started by sanding the copper to give it a bit more grip 2. I start the painting with the background, in this case trying to get the color as directly as I can 3. The foreground is a mix of alizarin crimson and sap green, which creates a warm brown I can either paint into or subtract from 4. The first few sessions of the painting I add several layers to the sky to add luminosity and adjust the color 5. I only start the detail once everything else is in its right place (it’s much easier to repaint the sky then to wipe out and repaint every branch of a tree. This is a copy of a Maxwell Parrish painting I was always in love with. I’ve been struggling to capture a night sky in one of my own paintings, and thought a master copy might help me solve some things.
Hi, I was wondering if you’ve or could you work on a watch dial?
Love Maxfield Parrish' dreamy scenes & pallette. I love the background sky & am wondering what blue you used... looks teal ... cobalt diluted?
Wow 😍
😮 Unbelievable! 👏👏👏 BRAVO!!! 😍❤️