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2 months ago
With a distinctive, toasty maple flavor, our wood-fired maple sugar comes from a tiny, family-run sugarworks in Vermont’s remote Northeast Kingdom @bridgeroadsugarworks. We’ve known our partner sugarmaker Molly and her husband Adam for years through B&B Operations Manager Bayley, who grew up in Vermont. Molly has figured out a way to make deliciously intense maple sugar from Grade A Dark syrup, which, as any maple aficionado will tell you, has the best and strongest maple flavor. Molly and Adam harvest the sap and boil it down in a wood-buring evaporator, reducing almost 4 gallons of maple tree sap for every one of our tubes of granulated sugar.
Omg what? 😍😍😍
Yum!! 😍😍
Perfect for making granola!
Ohhhhhhh yesssss
Looks super yummy! But it’s a little strange to say “figured out a way” since Indigenous folks have been making maple sugar for centuries and all modern sugarers have benefitted from their knowledge. Nothing new there!!!
Whaaaaaaat is this?!!!!
I just got this and it’s delicious!!!💜💜💜
Dark maple syrup is the BEST!!
Love the packaging! 🍁
Ohhhhhhh sign us up!!!!! 😁
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