4 months ago
Hello Everyone 🤍 It’s been almost a year since I started this account and I couldn’t be more grateful! We have so many new followers and I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. This account began as a place I could share the progress of our new home in CT, and has grown into so much more. As a mom to 4 adult daughters, 2 step-daughters and a stepson my life is full. My wonderful husband owns his own business but always steps up, when I need him for a project in our home (I think he gets more excited than I do sometimes 😊) We also have 2 dogs, so running an interior design business keeps me focused and motivated. I absolutely love keeping up with interior design trends, classic styles and modern designs and sharing them with all of you! Things change quickly from year to year and it can get pricey to keep up, so I say, do you! Incorporate things you love in your house and it will always feel like home. I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of the Pine Ridge home over the last week and excited for you to see more! One of my favorites from this month is my laundry room hands down. It was truly a labor of love and exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t seen the reel check it out. I will be posting some photos of it soon. If you are new and haven’t seen the before and after pics of our house that’s a must! I have so many projects lined up this year and I’m thankful to have you all here on this amazing journey. I will be 50 next week, so to those that think they are too old to start over, I say BS!! You are never to old to follow your dream and make it a reality! So thank you for following along as I design, decorate, remodel my clients homes, my own home and maybe even yours one day😘 This pic is from the breakfast bar at the Pine Ridge Project. #interiordesigner #design #interiordesign #interiorstyle #interiorstyling #interiors #homerenovation #homes #homeremodeling #remodel #homedecor #homedecorator #homesweethome #homedesign #homedecoration #houserenovation #housedesign #worklife #mom #wife #dogmom #selfemployed #women #womenownedbusiness #womeninbusiness #womeninconstruction #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment
I have followed your daughter Sierra and her account from when she first got Jasper. It seems like just yesterday. As a mom myself, I am sure you are happy to have her home with you again💞 I can’t wait to see what you are doing with your Interior Design Business, and wish you much success and happiness!
Loved learning about you!
@jettsetfarmhouse thank you ! I feel so grateful to be surrounded by strong creative women like yourself on this platform😊
It’s nice to meet you!
Love this! So nice to be able to connect here on this platform ❤️