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1 month ago
I’ve read a lot of cookbooks. I will read a cookbook like a novel. But I’ve never come across a cookbook quite like @MayaFellerrd’s Eating from Our Roots. It combines amazing nutritional information and science with a palpable love of ancient ways of eating from cultures around the world. It’s gorgeous—a 10 out of 10. What an honor for goop Press to publish Maya’s phenomenal book today. I hope you can join Maya and me this Thursday for a (virtual) conversation—she'll be answering your questions in real time, too. Link in bio to get your ticket.
What's your cut?
Your love of the nutritional supplement of an IV seems to go against your belief in eating like our ancestors? How do you reconcile the two complete opposites? @goop @gwynethpaltrow
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Thank you for sharing this @gwynethpaltrow ! Sounds great !
The corn's a sorry state of burn.
Dont est the planet. Go vegan. #stupidhumans #meatismurder
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