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Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto, words by Denise Hruby @denisehruby | From an alcove called the Castle, a guide tells tales of the first explorers of Eisriesenwelt—”world of the ice giants”—the largest ice cave on Earth, located in the Austrian Alps. One explorer, Alexander von Mörk, was so spellbound he wanted his ashes buried here. After he died in World War I, they were. In "When the Magic Melts," my most recent article in National Geographic magazine, we document the important contributions of scientists—and tour guides—as they work against the clock in this rapidly disappearing landscape. Read the full story at the link in bio, and follow @shonephoto for more.
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Es maravilloso ver este tipo de fotos que ni e n la tele se puede n ver los felicito Francisco Ariel Nuñez,