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2 months ago
Did you know that sugar used to be a spice? Until relatively recently, granulated sugar was a rare treat, adding depth and umami to all kinds of dishes, just like cloves, paprika or black pepper. Today, what's sold as sugar is a molecule of pure sucrose, derived from sugarcane or beets, but ultra-processed to remove all the flavor and color, leaving us to cook with a substance that's more of a chemical than a real ingredient from the soil. That's why, for the past two years, we've been working on sourcing something new: single origin sugars from artisan producers around the world. As with all of our spices, this is about so much more than sales — we're doing it to preserve and share traditional techniques, celebrate the diverse flavors and terroirs of heirloom sugars from around the world, and build supply chains that are able to pay producers the true value of their crops. Our sugars are packed with flavor as well as sweetness, a revelation in everything from baked goods to braises, stir-fries to stews. They're an immediate upgrade for your morning coffee or tea. Keep an eye out for posts over the next couple days introducing our first two single origin sugars!
Location Boyaca, Colombia
Sweet spices from my country, just wish I were able to buy your brand here in Colombia.