2 weeks ago
Great question I get asked all the time from David Faber on @CNBC. How do I balance my busy days - family, businesses, fitness, passions etc. Surround myself with very hungry, talented and like minded people who are much smarter than I am in the various industries I’m building brands in. I also make my workouts a priority. Working out, the sweat, the grind - it’s one of my daily anchors. And my little girls (and big girls;) always come first. When you declare something a anchoring priority - like family, health & fitness, your passions - then the universe will conform around them. Big thank you to my friends @CNBC and @morgan_bren & David Morgan for the chat. We have some big and cool biz stuff we’re working on - we’ll have a fun chat about it all down the road. ~ dj founder of stuff
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