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2 months ago
The desert southwest is where photography became real for me. I spent a summer in southern Utah away from home around 19 - the goal was to dedicate myself to the camera and see if I could prove to myself it was something I could do just for me… without the support of friends, family or a girlfriend at the time back home, I sorted exiled myself. I guess you could say I was looking for proof that it was truly my “path”. It was nearly 110F + every day that summer and I mostly hid out in slot canyons searching for cooler temps. This recent image brought my back to that experience.
Location Utah
‘walk a bout’ with a camera, (or sketchbook) awesome deep dive, always the best way to begin👌
Absolutely beautiful 🙌
Love the beautiful red mountains of Utah! You found your niche! 👍🏼
👏 Everett Ruess - ,but that I kept my dream.
Utah is on my bucket list.
My family has a condo in Hurricane, and I stay there every chance I get. I love the northern Utah mountain valley where I was raised and still live, but southern Utah is a whole other world. My favorite time is the winter. Fewer crowds, less business, more moody/stormy skies which make my photos atmospheric.
Stunning 🧡 the scene has similarities with central Australia, brings back memories from 2014, Utah is on my list for sure 😍
Humble beginnings to a very successful career! Congratulations on many years of hard work! Result sharing the world with us!👏❤️🔥❤️
Nature’s AC 👌
Look how far you've come!
I would love to do that one day! 😊
There is a very specific spirit there, huh. Loved living here for the past 10 years. PNW is home, but there is a magic here! 🏜️
Sheesh. I was in Utah for about 2 weeks living out out of my truck. The heat definitely takes it out of you physically abs mentally 🫠
We love exploring Southern Utah too 😊👌🏽
Wow, what a breathtaking view! This place looks absolutely stunning and I can't believe I've never heard of it before. Your photos are truly inspiring and make me want to pack my bags and book a trip there as soon as possible. Keep sharing your amazing travel experiences, can't wait to see where you go next! #wanderlust #travelinspiration #beautifuldestinations ❤️🖖🥹🛫
Well, you certainly reach your goal!
Any slot canyons in the Zion area you would suggest? Head out there in April.