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2 months ago
Stretching between Hokkaido, Japan and Kamchatka Russia, this incredible chain of islands captured my full attention during an expedition to document the fragile but magical ecosystem separating the Sea of Okhotsk & the wider Pacific. So vast, so untouched, and shockingly rich in wildlife, the sight of the Kuril Islands almost overwhelms the soul. Natural beauty is like that sometimes… forcing you to reconcile with the fact that you can’t fully grasp it, or control it - bringing a distinct sort of peace found when letting the flow of nature sweep you away in these remote places.
Absolutely mesmerizing🌹❤️♥️❣️💞💕😍🥰👍👌
👏👏👏oh beautiful
Being there.. .book.ll
This is so awesome 🙌
truly breath taking!
You almost shouldn’t even post this. Humans should stay away 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not all but anyone not in tune with it should. Protect it by being aware it exists and keeping it that way from a distance. That’s ideal. Sone billionaire will likely buy it