2 months ago
Today is Penguin Awareness Day. We're handing over our account to @dario_podesta_photography to share some of his great photographs. Tune in throughout the day for more posts and be sure to give him a follow. From Dario: For many years I've been dedicated to nature photography, both its beauty and the impact humans have on it. This passion has motivated me to travel and get to know incredible places and species. Among those places, Patagonia, Antarctica, and the South Atlantic Islands have particularly touched me. In these latitudes inhabit several species of penguins, wonderful birds with incredible adaptations to the aquatic environment. In this small series of images I selected to share with you on Penguin Awarness Day, you can enjoy its diversity and beauty. Cause in the end, as the well-known phrase goes: "We will keep only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." Pictured: The Magellanic penguin is a South American penguin, breeding in coastal Patagonia, including Argentina, Chile, and the Malvinas Islands, with some migrating to Brazil and Uruguay. Its nearest relatives are the African penguin, the Humboldt penguin, and the Galápagos penguins. I took this picture in Punta Tombo, a large colony located in North-east Patagonia, Chubut Province. #PenguinAwarenessDay #PenguinDay #Penguin
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