2 weeks ago
Pumped to reveal our bold new identity of @ZOAEnergy FUEL SOMETHING BIGGER We’re proud to have become the most complete and balanced healthy energy drink in the market. This is much more than our new look and feel — this is ZOA Energy setting the pace and tempo for that next big thing in your life you’re looking to accomplish. Run towards it with passion and ZOA will be right there with you. #FuelSomethingBiggger #ChiefEnergyOfficer #ZoaEnergy #1FastestGrowing
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Still not available in Europe. So much fans here and no Zoa…
Dwayne your other drink energy drinks are awesome we bought more of them
Checc out mines https://www.amway.com/en_US/myshop/EZHE5LTH
Is it available in India?
Are the new flavors coming in 16 oz soon? @therock I prefer to spend more to get a little more cause they’re outstanding
Im in indonesia, how i can get that?