2 weeks ago
CAULIFLOWER SALAD WITH DATES AND PISTACHIOS on @smittenkitchen. A clean-out-the-fridge salad, but make it lunch.
W this last night. 10/10 incredible. I love it.
Delicious! Tried it with orange and purple cauliflower.
Todays lunch was a smorgasbord of @smittenkitchen leftovers! This, melting pototos, tangy brisket, onion-squash toasts, and as a bonus I made some buttered noodles for my daughters to go with the brisket. Best lunch ever.
🔥Absolutely love it
Made this yesterday along with buttermilk roasted chicken. Both were so good!
Made it tonight. Lovely. You have a way with combing flavors & textures… thanks for sharing your wisdom!
This was 🔥!!