2 weeks ago
Creamy Risotto with Chestnuts and Mushrooms. Recipe on the blog, link in profile. This deliciously rich risotto is like a hug in a bowl on a winter day. Chestnuts have a warm place in my heart. I’ll never pass them by whether savory or sweet. Not only do I simply love them every which way, they’re steeped in nostalgia and bring me back to childhood. This risotto is a special treat. Recipe is gently adapted from @danilocortellini who always makes my mouth water. Precooked, vacuum sealed chestnuts get the job done if fresh are hard to find. The commitment is worth all the delicious. #vegetariancomfortfood #f52community #f52grams #risotto #chestnuts #roastedchestnuts #mushrooms #mushroomchestnutrisotto #chestnutrisotto #vegetarianrisotto #plantforward #eatvoraciously #mushroomrisotto
This looks unbelievable
Oh my! Looks amazing!
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Love risotto and yours looks amazing