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1 week ago
Petition to call our dog’s grey hairs “happy hairs” 🐶 Doug is aging like a fine wine! Use this song on reels of your dog & we can change the feelings around our pets getting greyer. *note - the story/term of Happy Hairs was started by @chubbsthewampug and their human. We miss you Chubbs!
the happiest little hairs🥰🥰
Why don’t you acknowledge @chubbsthewampug Chubbs first? Not cool!
I remember Chubbs happy hairs years ago.
Grey hairs rock 😂😎@roccodatdude
Hey I wanted to send you a
Hello. I wanted to buy toys for my pets and found this site. what do you think of this site?
🥹❤️This gives me comfort