2 months ago
Recent corvids- which one is your favorite? Also, because I’ve had a lot of questions from artists whose Instagram engagement has plummeted recently - I made a free troubleshooting guide with the 7 most common reasons for why this happened - you can download it through the link in bio
If the circular ones are on paper do you mind me asking how you cut them to be that shape? Wonderful work. I've followed you on tiktok for a while and stumbled upon you here too
Fantasy your art skill
Heh heh…. Bird😎
They're all gorgeous, but I'm leaning towards the fourth and the raven on the top of the page on the left hand side.
Oh wow, the ones on the white background are so beautiful
Love the birds and love the still shots! 👏
The first one. So lovely!
Impossible to choose
Fave is 5!!!