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identity was never my struggle, it was always worth. is my sheer existence enough? do I have to “do” my way to acceptance? if I didn’t accomplish another thing would I be worthy of this call? this family? this influence? YA DANG RIGHT I WOULD BE 😂 easier typed than believed though 😅🥴 but here I am, wearing the words I struggle to believe (thanks @soworthloving ✨) frolicking around a beach in Cali daring to be brave enough to stumble my way into the unwavering belief that I’m innately worthy of every single good thing God has for me…and for you too fam. thanks @carbonstories for capturing the real wild me. 🤸🏽‍♀️
Location Sycamore Cove Beach
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I found your Instagram two days ago! Even though I am ‘older’ so much of your story and hope hits home for me. In the middle of some serious struggles right now... Your book just arrived today.. (delayed by a day due to our 8 plus inches of snow)! Heading out to grab the book now.. can’t wait to DIVE IN’ but must contain myself.. I need to finish my ‘Good boundaries and Good bye’ book and study by Lisa Terkurst first😉! Happy Sunday! 😍
Obsessed with you and that jacket🔥
Love that fiery orange on you! 😍🔥
Enjoyed hearing you on Annie F Downs podcast
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You’re amazing. Love you.
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I hope you know how much you help and encourage me to just get through life daily!!!! I love your realness, heart, love for Jesus and people and truth!!!! Thank you Toni!!!