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Pumpkin cake (and other pumpkin things) aren’t only for the months of October and November! My recipe for Pumpkin Layer Cake with Mascarpone Frosting is delicately spiced and great for any chilly winter day! Recipe link in @foodandwine’s BIO (because it’s too long for the caption, sorry 😆) #pumpkin #pumpkincake #pumpkinpie
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I’ve made this cake and it’s amazing!
Funny I saved this too
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Omg. On my list!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
You're BAKING?!? 😮 Chefs loathe baking! This is like a Dunkin person drinking Starbucks 😨
Oh my…get this in my belly!!!! 😂😋😋😋
I’ll take a slice of cake please
I would love to try this using sweet potato 🥔 😋 😍
I love pumpkin cake for right now!
Justin! Can I use coconut or avocado oil as sun for vegetable oil?