8 months ago
They say don’t meet your heroes. I met mine and it was a dream come true. This moment was real deep for me. I remember when I watched ‘Let me explain’ where he sold out MSG and got to the end and started crying because he was so appreciative of his fans and his journey to that point and I started crying along with him haha. That’s the first time I understood the exchange of how much of an impact artists have on us and how much of an impact we have on them. From that day I knew I wanted to make people experience my art and feel something. That’s when I made the decision to go and chase my dreams. I’ve dreamt of this day over and over again when I’d be able to meet my hero and tell him he changed my life and I couldn’t have imagined that the respect for my art would’ve been close to mutual. The fact bro knew who I was was deep enough. I’d always said when I meet Kevin I’ve done what I needed to do. But from everything we spoke about, now more than ever I’m so fuelled to go 1000x harder. Let’s get to work King @kevinhart4real CHASE YOUR DREAMS. GOD IS REAL ❤️
Location London, United Kingdom
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Love from this side ❤️❤️
Your so fine like a matured butter, 😂 amazing actor tho
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