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2 months ago
It's another opportunity to win amazing prizes from Power Oil this New Year!!! πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ€© If you remember this duo from our TVC,you will know indeed that @mercyjohnsonokojie and @ajokesilva never compromised on quality and always chose Power OilπŸ’ƒ To take part in week 8 giveaway on Mercy's Menu, follow these instructions below: 1. You must be Following us @poweroilng 2. Watch the video till the end to get the question. 3.Drop your answers in the comment section Hurry! Watch the full episode by clicking the link in bio on @mercys_menu #Mercysmenu
There are 12 75cl of poweroil in a carton #Mercysmenu
12 bottles #mercy menu
A Carton of 75CL of PowerOil Contains 12 bottles per Carton . #Mercysmenu #poweroil
It's 12 x 75cl bottles in a cartoon
12 bottles #mercysmenu
12 bottles #MercysMenu
12 bottles #mercysmenu
80 bottles
12 bottles #Mercysmenu
12 bottles
There are 12 bottles of 75cl of power oil in a carton of power oil. #Mercysmenu
12 bottles #MercysMenu
12 bottles of 75cl are in a cartoon
It contains 12 bottles per Carton #Mercysmenu #PowerOil
12 bottles of 75cl power oil in a cartoon #Mercysmenu
There are 12bottles of 75cl in a carton
12 bottles of 75cl Power oil #Mercysmenu
12 Bottles Of 75cl Power Oil Makes Up a Carton of @poweroilng #Mercymenu
There are 12 75cl Power oil Bottles in a Carton @poweroilng @mercys_menu #mercymenu
12 bottles #mercysmenu @mercys_menu
12 bottles @mercys_menu @poweroilng
12 bottle per carton in 75cl power oil @mercys_menu #Mercymenu #poweroil