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Today we’re launching a special project that we’ve been working on quietly for some time. The goop Pursuit is an @audible Original collection made up of four standalone audio installments. Each one explores a different pillar of life: how we experience pleasure and sex, how we find beauty, how we navigate major life changes, and how we begin to heal in a sick society. We partnered with four iconoclastic hosts—Penda N’diaye, Jodie Patterson, Thema Bryant, and Will Siu—who guide you on their deeply meaningful journeys. And you’ll also hear a bit from me and other goop editors along the way. I hope these stories and the wisdom of our hosts resonate with you, too. Link in bio to listen.
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😬😬 I honestly wonder how you can live with yourself after spending your time manipulating, deceiving, and robbing good, hardworking people of their money. Your products do NOT work, real medical professionals do NOT approve of them, "adrenal fatigue" is not a real thing, and all you're doing is robbing people blind and possibly even harming them with your false products!!!!
Yes 🙌
@gwynethpaltrow ok
Are all your products that you made or your company makes vagina super rich girlfriends because they're certainly not for the average girl shame on you
I have old school Goop Newsletters printed from my email 174 pages from 2009 thru 2010 So cool to listen 🎧
Why have you never supported a POC Actress like you do with white actresses. Danielle Deadwyler deserved to be nominated to an #Oscar for @tillmovie . I hope Michelle Yeoh wins the Oscar for EEAAO, and that the talent of POC Actresses be finally recognized.
How does this work?