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My Knife and Fork Quesadillas lean heavily on seasonal produce and pantry items (how-to on the blog) which combine to create this delicious plant forward main dish. This one is layered with mouthwatering flavors that meld together to create magic. The success lies within the attention paid to every component (each low effort). Black beans get cooked down with aromatics, black garlic, smoked paprika, oregano and a splash of sherry. While they cook, the squash gets well roasted with salsa macha, a little honey and sage (you may also do this with sweet potatoes, which are also brilliant here). While these first two components cook, onions get caramelized low and slow (at least 45 minutes) to bring out that deep rich jammy sweetness. It all gets folded into a flour quesadilla that’s been crisped in both sides for flavor and texture along with fresh grated extra sharp cheddar, salsa roja and smoky spicy chipotle crema. I like to serve avocado on top or alongside for a cool and creamy balance, radish for a crispy element with bite and a squirt of lime ties everything together. A little sour cream never hurts. I didn’t have cilantro on hand, so grabbed some parsley. Serve with more salsa macha on the side. Nutritious and eye rollingly delicious. We’re talking lick the plate. Salsa macha is easy to make at home. It’s a super flavorful chili oil hailing from Veracruz, Mexico, that’s made from an assortment of chopped dried chiles, garlic, nuts and seeds and has its origins in Veracruz, Mexico. It’s has both salty and sweet notes, nuttiness and a rich and complex spiciness and a delightful crunch. There are many authentic recipes to be found online. It stores well, so make a big batch. I find heads of black garlic (fermented garlic) at some local farm stands and am able to find jarred and prepared cloves at specialty grocers. #f52community #f52grams #quesadillas #wintersquash #salsamacha #sharpcheddar #roastedsquash #vegetarian #vegetariancomfortfood #plantforward #blackbeans #nutritiousanddelicious
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Love 😍😍 how you added squash and black beans to this! It’s simple- but the aromatics are 🔑 !!
I can hear the crispiness and am so tempted to taste😍so delicious Jill
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