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2 months ago
Marty M. Pinnecoose, Southern Ute of Jibicallia Apacia “I used to be a Fancy Dancer for over 30 years, 40 years, and I became a champion doing it, too. I’m going to be 65 now and moved on to the Grass Dance. When I first did the switch from Fancy to Grass, I had to remember to keep my legs down because I wanted to kick and to spin and I wanted to really take off and enjoy the dance. And so my friends would say, ‘Just slow down, slow down, keep your legs down. And remember where the dance comes from. You're stomping on Mother Earth. You're clearing the way for the Pow Wow or celebration to begin, you're clearing the grass for the arena.’”
Your work is really inspiring to me! 🙌🏽
hey i got hit by a ufo green ball of light and it was a crazy experience i have a witness too its my brother in the wheelchair he saw how i managed to dodge it even though it had the speed of a bullet and came down from the night high sky in 2018 and was locked into my left eye it wanted to do a bullseye on me head shot and was trying to fool me at the same time but i saw thru it and that's the only reason why i was able to dodge it ..... i think it was a light person or spirit of pure light it was golden flame or diamond of 4 corners inside the ball of light after it exploded and expanded
Fantastic 💃 always feels good 😊
And so on...
Stunning ❤️
He leaves me so curious for more.
Long lost brother!!!! Ur fancy dancing was epic. Grass dance has always been my favourite …