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The annual night sky photography webinar is on Saturday January 14 at 1 pm Eastern Time (6pm UT). To join tap the link in my bio or visit If you can’t attend the live event the recorded video will be provided to all registrants. If you can’t afford the $29 fee and interested to learn, please message me to receive the recorded webinar free of cost. The webinar is suitable for both hobbyists and serious photographers, and for general stargazers and nature enthusiasts. On this 90-minute class and Q&A I will share info on the most notable sky events to see and photograph in 2023 and update you on astrophotography techniques. It covers when and how to see and photograph the Milky Way, aurora, the best full moons and new moons, planets, and prominent constellations. How to see and capture the next lunar and solar eclipses, best upcoming meteor showers, new comets, and important celestial conjunctions of moon and planets. I will also share quick tips on various aspects of nightscape photography, where to find dark skies, camera setting, and recommended cameras, lenses, and accessories. #webinar #astrophotography #nightphotography #astronomy #milkyway @twanight
I'm very interested in this webinar, but I can't afford the cost. I hope to learn of you!. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for share your knowledge. 👏❤️
Absolutely Beautiful! Thank You for being a Beautiful Human Being! ❤️🌌💞😌🤗💙
عکسهای بی نظیر هستند بابک عزیز ، سپاس برای اشتراک ، پیروز باشی هنرمند عزیز ما # زن زندگی آزادی
ای کاش ظالمان لحظه ای به عظمت جهان فکر کنن که ذره ایی نیستیم.و حق آزار و گرفتن هیچ انسانی رو ندارن.
What an exciting life you have —-tough,rough at times but so rewarding ❤️
Babak is an incredible individual His Passion is addictive and wonderfully contagious. Don't hesitate to take a class and the Maine retreat is a great starter for astrophotography enthusiasts. Keep looking up everyone. 🔭📷🌌🌠🪐🌕
Magnificent👏 Nwver seen such a beautiful pic with the pink moon and lighthouse, even If there are many around 🙌
I'm interested in the webinar, but I can't afford the $29 :(
You are a wonderful man for advocating for the resistance against the sick sick sick current government of Iran!!! Please keep up the good work!
Wow ! Very beautiful Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos 🤩
Finally am in town for one of these!!! Registered… looking forward, @babaktafreshi !!
3 is just an epic epic photo. Wow
Oh…it’s recorded…sounds good
این نورها ی اسمان،واقعی هستن؟باتلسکوپ ضبط شدن؟!
@liligaror esta es la razón por la cual quiero una cámara profesional 😜
@mohamadmahdish @saeed_hri
Hello @babaktafreshi I would really love to hear you but in my present situation I could not afford it… 😕
@b.barbaralins @giovanallins
👏👏👏👏👏harikaa @last_fairyy
I think that you might like this @nthnmthws
@dr._peppi 😍👍