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Cauliflower Bolognese (recipe on the blog). This plant forward version of the classic is nutritious and delicious and is a proven crowd pleaser. It’s delicious on pasta, polenta, zucchini, butternut squash and sweet potato noodles- really anything you can imagine. Actually, it would also be the coziest blanket for the Croxetti in the previous post. It’s umami strong, leaning on mushroom and tomato paste, has great texture and boosted nutrition thanks to the addition of walnuts. It’s a two-in-one as few tweaks turns this into mouthwatering and nostalgic Sloppy Joe’s. I can’t think of a better way to get more vegetables into your pickiest eaters or plant based skeptics. It freezes well so cook up a big batch and enjoy! This is vegetarian comfort food at its finest and no one will be disappointed. And, it’s vegan with one very minor adjustment. Cauliflower may be the most versatile vegetable there is. It’s a true rock star that shines in countless savory dishes and soups across many cultures, and may even be blended into a few sweet treats and smoothies. #plantforward #vegetariancomfortfood #cauliflowerbolognese #cauliflowersloppyjoes #cauliflower #bolognese #recipe #delicious #vegetarian #vegan
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This is art😍😍
Ooo love this idea! WIll definitely have to try it out!
Looks incredible