2 months ago
Click on the link in bio to register for my Sketchbook Habit workshop, a class I created over the course of the last year that covers materials, techniques, history and everything I’ve learned throughout the 22 years I’ve kept sketchbooks. This is an open-ended class for students of all levels, whether you’ve been drawing or journalling your whole life, or this is entirely new to you. Drawing is as much about the act of observing and being present, as it is about the final result. In addition to artists, this class is well suited for writers, scientists and entrepreneurs - anyone who wants to learn and grow.
I know I am late to the party but I only just came across your account! I absolutely struggle with the need for “perfection” in sketchbooks so I always get hung up and never use them! Definitely want to invest in one of the classes soon. As for materials, what colors do you have in your tiny gouache palette? Do you have a sort of “classic” color set you use? Thank you!
It’s so funny, I was thinking about your process as I fell asleep last night and one question that I couldn’t figure out was, how does the sketchbook paper not crumple? Or does it and then you flatten it? I’ve painted in sketchbooks before, and even with heavy mixed media paper, I still had crumpling! Beautiful work, by the way! ❤️
How do you manage to paint the background without the paper buckling? Do you press the book after you paint it?
🙌 I so want to learn from you! It would be a check mark from my bucket list! Right now I am in the middle of moving and as soon as I get set up again I’ll contact you! Thank you for your act of kindness of teaching ! ❤️
Do you start with pen right away? I’m always too nervous about making a mistake and not being able to erase.
Your work is absolutely stunning!
What brands o guache do you use? or anything else you could could say about guache and your technique would be greatly appreciated
How do you picture the spread in your head? Like how do you put the pieces together... They just fit together like a puzzle piece... And that's amazing 🦋
How long have you been painting, and what medium do you primarily use? What’s your favorite medium to work with? Love your art so much! 💛
I do have a material question! What are you using to cover/protect your drawings when you add the watercolor layer, and then it peels off? Ive no idea what this is, but know I need it for my next dragon series
what is it that you're using to tone your paper? ink or maybe liquid watercolor?
Awesome work - beautiful, intricate, and so deeply inspiring!
Is the bird painted with watercolor? The opacity is incredible.
Whats the blue background colourpaint you are using?
What sketch books do you use and buy from? Your work is AMAZING! 🔥👏👏👏
Looks like a fairytale.
What kind of water color do you use and the paper so that the color does not get smudged?
What paper do you use and the reference? And kind of colours?
How do you paint on gold leaf?
Where did you get the wooden box? Is the paint stored directly on the wood or are they containers in between.
what is the brand of the sketchbook?
Do you ever feel weird about showing your writings on Instagram?
would it be okay for you to also post stills of your work? I love it and would like to be able to focus on the details :)
How do u come up with such ideas😳