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2 months ago
Since September I’ve posted concise overviews on #WomanLifeFreedom uprising (find them on “Iran” highlighted story). The second largest country in the Middle East (7x the UK area), Iran is one of the world’s most resourceful lands in a superbly strategic position with about 1000 km shoreline of the Persian Gulf. It has been the crossroads of Central Asia, South Asia, and the Arab states of the Middle East. The clerical regime has turned this cradle of art and culture to an unbearable prison for its 88 million population. In 44 years of this dictatorship there has been hope for reform but every effort failed. The Islamic Republic is not reformable. I do science & photography for living, not politics. But this is about humanity, a vital step for women’s rights, and towards a future where authoritarian regimes can not exist by misusing religion or race, and by creating divisions, hate, and fake enemies. I'm responsible to share the facts with my widely international audience. #IranProtests have now changed for a longer more effective fight, from daily unrests to strong waves of planned gatherings and industry strikes with far less casualties and more impact. About 20,000 protestors are arrested. Many are under inhuman treatment and torture for false confession. Half of them are aged 20-35. Another 40% are under 20. Two other innocent protestors were hanged this morning. A 22-year old karate champion and a 39-year children’s coach (pic 6). There is a pile of evidence for rape in custody by the security forces. The UN Human Rights Council has started an official investigation on the crimes. Hundreds of people are missing. The families can’t locate them in official prisons. Other families are struggling with very high bails to release their loved ones, with average fee of 10 billion Iranian Rials or $25,000. This is 10 years salary of a minimum wage worker in Iran who earns under $200/month. On Jan 8th, justice rallies are organized by Iranians in major cities, on the 3rd anniversary of the downing of Flight #PS752 and in memory of thousands of victims of the past years in Iran. I will attend in Boston. Slide 3 is by graphic artist @razmyar. #mahsaamini #opiran
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مرگ بر اسراییل #down_with_usa👊🇱🇷 #down_with_israel✊✊✊
I am heartbroken with this executions and with the horrifying rulers against humanity.against lives