2 months ago
Just came back from another amazing trip with @cabbagemind. This time we went to Kyushu for 10 days and it was the perfect getaway for Christmas & New Year! Spending Christmas with @yuotooo in Fukuoka this year has been an incredible memory I’ll cherish forever. I can’t believe how much we did, saw, ate & (spend) and somehow the time passed way too quickly. While experiencing all kinds of seasons we made so many nice memories (like, literally ✨) 2022 has been full of ups and downs but it was one of the greatest years and I’m thankful for everyone who was in it. I’m excited about 2023 and the trips that are ahead of me ✨ 福岡→熊本→大分→宮崎→福岡
Location 九州
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Beautiful inside and out! ♥️
✨literally✨the most beautiful person 🤌🏻 like, literally